Festival fashion on a budget

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Festival season is here! ? Bring on the fun and fashion – bright colours, tassels and glitter are just a few staples of festival attire and I’m here to help you save money.

Tickets can be super expensive so it makes sense that you’d want to save money on your attire. Let’s be honest, you don’t really need to buy anything new but it adds to the experience if you look the part. 

In this blog post, I’ve listed cheap (each item £20 or under – some are less than £5!) men and women’s clothes, accessories and footwear that are perfect for upcoming festivals. Most brands include a student discount on items which will make them even cheaper for you! If that made you light up then check out my blog post on how to save money as a student for more tips.

festival fashion on a budget

I’m going to a festival for the first time this year so I’m super excited about this post!

My plan was to publish this a lot sooner before festival season came along but life happens and I’ve been super busy but at least it’s here now…

Festival fashion on a budget: cheap festival clothing, accessories & shoes

I’ve broken this down into 3 sections:

  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Footwear

I’ve included an image of the items when possible as some are copyright protected, the price of the item* and the brand. Just click to the image to be taken to the product on the website.


I was going to include jeans in this list and then decided not to, with the recent heatwave the last thing you’ll want to wear at a festival is jeans.


festival fashion on a budget


festival fashion on a budget

festival fashion on a budget


festival fashion on a budget

festival fashion on a budget

festival fashion on a budget

festival fashion on a budget

festival fashion on a budget

festival fashion on a budget


festival fashion on a budget

festival fashion on a budget

If you purchase any of these items, make sure to upload a photo to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag me @studentskint, also use the hashtag #studentskint.

Student Discounts

If you’d like to pay even less for these items, then you’ll need to use a student discount.

Dependent on the store, you may or may not be able to use a student discount on sale items but it’s worth trying anyway.

Find out where to get the best student discounts by reading this blog post.

* Prices and student discounts are subject to change. All items were in stock and these were the prices when this post was published.

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