Free Virtual Freshers’ Fair for university students in 2020

Unfortunately, it’s likely that many university fresher’s fairs will be cancelled in 2020 due to the current pandemic.

The good news is that Paperclip have created a Digital Welcome Pack (a “Virtual Freshers’ Fair”) for 30,000 UK students and have kindly sponsored this blog post to help spread the word and to make sure that you don’t miss out on £3,000 worth of deals, discounts and freebies!

Free Virtual Freshers’ Fair

The University of Cambridge and Manchester University have confirmed online-only lectures in 2020-2021; other universities are expected to give updates soon but it’s likely that many will follow suit. Even if your university is open and the correct social distancing measures are in place, a freshers’ fair may not be feasible as mass gatherings probably still won’t be allowed. Having a very limited number of people in the hall at one time could mean the fair could go on for weeks on end if they were to give all freshers the opportunity of attending.

What’s Paperclip?

Paperclip is the UK’s most trusted marketplace. It’s a local marketplace app & website for buying, selling and swapping second-hand items. Ideal for students moving into halls or changing accommodation who want to save money on new items or have things to get rid of.

Find out more: Buy & sell at your university with Paperclip marketplaces.

What’s included in the Digital Welcome Pack?

By signing up to the waiting list (you must sign up by 19th August 2020), you will receive student discounts, deals and freebies straight to your inbox on 20th August 2020 from the likes of Amazon, Uber Eats and Ola Cabs – essentials for most university students.

There’s a limit of 30,000 packs available to send so make sure you’ve signed up in plenty of time because you won’t want to miss this.

Students will also be able to enter into prize giveaways, prizes include:

  • iPads
  • Holidays abroad
  • Cash money

Paperclip Digital Welcome Pack

How do I sign up for the “Virtual Freshers Fair”?

It’s completely FREE to sign up so you have nothing to lose but everything to gain, especially if you’re one of the lucky giveaway winners!

  1. Visit the dedicated website for the Digital Welcome Pack –
  2. Enter your details on the form by 19th August 2020  (first name, email address, university name and year of study) and submit it
  3. Check your inbox on 20th August 2020
  4. Enjoy your student discounts, freebies and prizes!

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the Digital Welcome Pack, or about Paperclip, they’re happy to answer via email:

Best of luck to all Freshers starting university in 2020. Hats off to you for starting a new chapter of life among a difficult time but I hope you enjoy it and I’m sure you’ll smash it! For more handy tips, check out my other blog posts on ways to make money and save money – specifically tailored to students and young adults.

Free Virtual Freshers’ Fair

UK supermarket price comparison tool

It’s been a little while since my last blog post due to a lack of motivation, but this is something I couldn’t keep to myself and had to share with you. Especially during uncertain times and with many people needing to budget more seriously, I hope this helps.

Latest Deals have created a new supermarket price comparison tool which is completely free to use and are kindly sponsoring this blog post to help spread the word about it. I don’t take on a sponsorship unless I’ve tested out the product/service myself and truly want to tell you about it.

This blog post contains all the information you need to know about their new tool and 4 reasons why I really think you should give it a go

1. An alternative to MySupermarket

You may have heard of or used the UK’s biggest supermarket comparison site called MySupermarket which enabled us to compare prices of groceries and other items across major supermarkets. Unfortunately, earlier this month (March 2020), MySupermarket closed down after 14 years without much warning or an alternative for its users.

Much to our delight, the Latest Deals Supermarket Comparison Tool offers pretty much the same features and functions except it can only be found on the Latest Deals app. Watch the short tutorial video below from Tom to learn how it works:

(Waitrose has since been added to the list of supermarkets)

2. Up-to-date information

What Tom didn’t mention in the video is that the tool was created in just 72 hours by the three Latest Deals founders (Kelsey, Tom and Deepak) as a response after receiving various messages asking for help due to MySupermarket’s closure. How incredible!

If they can create an entire supermarket price comparison tool in just a few days, you can imagine how ‘on the ball’ these guys are and they’ll be making sure the tool is updated. In the case that you were using the tool then hoping to order online, it won’t show supermarkets who are under strain such as when their website is down or have a queue system. The results from those supermarkets will be temporarily hidden.

They currently only feature the main supermarkets that offer online shopping and home delivery: Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Iceland, Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons.

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3. Helps you to budget and save money

I wouldn’t be sharing this tool if it didn’t help you (and I) to save money or budget in some way.

The next time you’re writing the shopping list (you can sign up to my XXX here), input the items into the tool and keep track of the total cost for if you were to buy all of your shopping at each supermarket. That way, you’ll know where the cheapest would be to order from or visit, providing in-store prices are the same.

4. Helps you save time

I have an ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury’s close to my house, so I always compare prices between them to help me decide where the cheapest place to go would be.

I would usually type each item into MySupermarket but since it’s closure, I’ve recently been checking the prices at each supermarket by having their websites open in a new tab and checking each item manually…it takes forever! So I’m very happy that Latest Deals will help me save time again as you only have to input each item once to see results for all supermarkets listed.

Latest Deals supermarket price comparison tool

Download the Latest Deals app on Apple iOS and Google Play


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I hope I’ve convinced you to try the new Supermarket Price Comparison Tool by Latest Deals. Let me know by commenting below if you’ve given it a go and your verdict on it.

Financial New Year’s Resolutions 2019

A list of financial New Year’s resolutions that you can choose or adapt to suit your financial situation and lifestyle. Whether you need to make money, save money or improve your budgets in 2019, I’m here to help you put those goals into action!

I’ve also written my own top 3 financial New Year’s resolutions so I can be held accountable as they’re now out there on the internet… Continue reading “Financial New Year’s Resolutions 2019”

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